What are the most important things you need to know about washing machines in this world?

More and more manufacturers are providing their washing machines with a wide range of washing programmes to entice customers to choose their washing machines. In our reviews we come across the most exotic washing programmes. Outdoor garment and impregnation programmes don’t add much to the standard cotton and synthetic wash programmes. We would like to advice you about all the different possibility’s and to make sure you know everything about wasmachines, check deze website to make sure you know everything!

For an average person, the standard programmes on each washing machine are more than sufficient. So don’t be distracted and persuaded by a large number of washing programmes, but rather look at the performance of cleaning or spinning. You will really benefit from this for the entire life of the washing machine.

Tip 1: Less noise & vibration with the carbonless washing machine

Washing machines have become a lot quieter and more reliable. A washing machine that starts running during centrifugation has become rare when it is placed horizontally. The output is booked because the drum is no longer indirectly driven by a belt but directly coupled to the motor. This is called the carbon brushless motor.


  • Quieter to below 73 db
  • Less maintenance-sensitive
  • More drum movements possible
  • Long warranty of more than 10 years on the washer motor
  • This carbonless brush is actually found on all new washing machines and is therefore not really special anymore. Yet this innovation has led to new possibilities, such as less noise during centrifugation. Today’s quietest washing machines (such as the Siemens WM14W7G2NL) only produce 72db during spin and when washing you only hear the splashing of the water.

The Samsung WW80K76050W cost more than 1000 euros for a long time, while it is passed on almost all test items by the LG FH442SM9 (Best Buy Washing Machine). More expensive is not always better.

Don’t be fooled by the functions that are on more expensive washing machines like:

  • AddWash
  • SmartWash
  • Automatic detergent dosage
  • Softcare drums
  • Miele needs it for part of their image and the longer lifespan of their appliances, but they certainly don’t wash much better than the much cheaper Bosch and Siemens washing machines. If you are looking for a washing machine with good washing results at a reasonable price, then the “Best Buy” of the Consumers’ Association is a good starting point.