Getting Your Blog Gased Up

Keeping up on this blog entry stuff can be a little tough. You have to realize that this blog is not the center of my attention right now. I have focused the majority of my attention on my HUGE directory project. I have been keeping up with my posts so far and that was my initial goal. Although I have slowly kept the level of posts up I have been reluctant to stick any links out there.

With this in mind I still get a decent amount of readers considering the blog is under a month old. Another thing that surprised me is the amount of feed subscribers I have. To everyone that has stuck with me, I appreciate it. My goal is to provide you with good information but before I get into the good stuff I need to do a little blog comment link building. That’s next on my list.

I have a few blogs I like to visit on a regular basis and I plan on commenting where I feel that I can be of use. By doing this I’m trying to attract like minded readers, not only building links but building readership. Not that there is anything wrong with just building links but by searching for like minded people I will have a better chance of building a readership. At the moment that’s what this blog is all about. After the blog ages a bit I will have to map out more of a link building strategy. Let’s face it, if you have no links you have no traffic.

Right now my focus for this blog is quality content. Let’s start the blog commenting experiment and see what happens with the readership level.



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