Las ramblas golf property

Las ramblas golf property

What ought to absolutely not be absent from well known urbanization? In fact, an energetic business community. C.C. La Fuente gives this to Las Ramblas Golf.

In this business community, you can appreciate numerous eateries and bars. In addition, there is likewise a bread shop, a drug specialist, a market, an optician, a bank, a golf shop, … The zone is energetic all through the whole year, making it a decent area for spending the winter.



Las ramblas golf property

Las Ramblas is subsidiary with Villamartin Golf and La Finca Golf. The course grounds were structured by Pepe Gancedo, a prestigious and regarded golf engineer. Gancedo put his run of the mill stamp on the plan and the fairway in the end opened its entryways in 1991.

Las Ramblas Golf course

A pleasant trifling reality: Actor Liam Neeson visited Las Ramblas when the zone was an area for the recording of “TAKEN 3”.


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