Headaches. Everyone gets them from time to time, but sometimes they can be so strong as to be utterly debilitating and they may not go away. Medications can address the symptoms but not the cause of these headaches, and simply dull the pain temporarily.

Many of the more severe headache symptoms are slow to respond to chemical treatment, which when made more intense to address the headache, can have long lasting and often negative effects to the body when used over time. This is why many people with chronic head pain look to the more natural (and very often the more effective alternative) solution of chiropractic care.

There Are Different Kinds of Headaches

In order to better treat any problem it is first important to understand what causes it. There are many different kinds of headaches, some which can be treated by chiropractic better than others. Headaches are most commonly caused by

-changes by vascular constriction

-tension in the muscles

-sinus congestion

These headaches can refer or radiate pain all over your head and they can feel like they’re centered in many different locations, but it is most important to realize that chiropractic seems to work best in the types of headaches that are based around muscle tension and changes to vascular flow. Sinus headaches have also had success, but they are likely to have a more complicated cause.

There are three main types of headaches typically found in a chiropractic office:

-migraine headaches

-tension headaches

-cervicogenic headaches

The last type of headache mentioned sounds a bit scary, but it just simply means a headache that is caused by referred pain that originates within the bone, muscles, or nerves of the neck.

Tension Headaches

If we become stressed, scared, or angry, your body will respond with increased muscle tension in the head, neck, and shoulders. This reaction is called the fight or flight response, and it is the normal response to stress. If we are stressed often (as most of us are) and we can neither run or fight, the muscle tension becomes a habit.

This can lead to some imbalances in the way we hold our body, which in turn leads to more muscle tension and pain. Chiropractic treatment can relax these muscles and realign the spine’s structure to put and end to the vicious cycle of pain. Those seeking chiropractic care for tension headaches can often see a marked improvement in just a few treatments as the nerves become less irritated and the muscles begin to relax.

Migraine Headaches

Migraines are brought about by changes in vascular flow, triggered by a variety of factors such as different smells, foods, weather, hormonal changes, and stress. These often very painful headaches do not always start off as pain. They can begin with nausea or the person may experience a halo effect called a visual aura.

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THE TOURNAMENT: Amongst the tears of joy in Africa’s first World Cup there were, of course, moments of great sadness. Who can forget France’s complete self-destruction and early elimination? But anyway, back to the moments of sadness; England’s disallowed goal, which would definitely have lead to an amazing comeback and eventual World Cup Triumph for the three lions, North Korea’s capitulation at the hands of shallow capitalist materialism or Cristiano Ronaldo, as it’s often called.


The elimination of a number of big teams made for a profitable World Cup for many bookmakers but did this make for an entertaining one for the fans. And does anyone care? Well yes. No but does anyone really care?

The tournament was undoubtedly the worst in the history of football plagued by cheating, bad refereeing and petty violence ( I am struggling to see how this differs from every other competition in the history of football) so we have delved deep into the EGC archives, by glancing at youtube for a few minutes and brought you the tournament low points.

SILVER: Daniele De Rossi (ITALY).
GOLD: It has to be Lampard’s disallowed goal.

THE FINAL: Justice was done. Amazingly, I began the game supporting Netherlands and at half time I had completely changed my viewpoint.

So, what can we take away with us from this dreary wasted month? What have we learnt from this celebration of the beautiful game? Here is EGC’s top 5 things to take away from WC 2010:

1) We learnt that a vuvuzela is just an annoying plastic tube
2) We learnt that Eboue speaks fluent Korean
3) We learnt the secret diet behind German success
4) We learnt that we should always follow the predictions of an octopus and not the eGaming Consulting team
5) Tiki taka beats the old traditional martial arts

I know many of you are thinking.. what about the fact that Sepp Blatter is muppet! Well, we didn’t learn that during this World Cup, we have known it for a long, long time.

NOW, can someone please sort this sham of a sport out! Maybe put some younger people in charge who are actually interested in the game and not just interested in swelling bank balances and free lunches, maybe some ex-footballers for example… oh, who am I kidding?

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Keeping up on this blog entry stuff can be a little tough. You have to realize that this blog is not the center of my attention right now. I have focused the majority of my attention on my HUGE directory project. I have been keeping up with my posts so far and that was my initial goal. Although I have slowly kept the level of posts up I have been reluctant to stick any links out there.

With this in mind I still get a decent amount of readers considering the blog is under a month old. Another thing that surprised me is the amount of feed subscribers I have. To everyone that has stuck with me, I appreciate it. My goal is to provide you with good information but before I get into the good stuff I need to do a little blog comment link building. That’s next on my list.

I have a few blogs I like to visit on a regular basis and I plan on commenting where I feel that I can be of use. By doing this I’m trying to attract like minded readers, not only building links but building readership. Not that there is anything wrong with just building links but by searching for like minded people I will have a better chance of building a readership. At the moment that’s what this blog is all about. After the blog ages a bit I will have to map out more of a link building strategy. Let’s face it, if you have no links you have no traffic.

Right now my focus for this blog is quality content. Let’s start the blog commenting experiment and see what happens with the readership level.



This is a post that I was going to do a few days back but I just didn’t know how to approach it (before the Snapnames buyout). I was doing a post on how domain names are online real estate and I was going to try and explain why the big domain name backorder companies need to either sell off now or diversify within the next few years. I’m a true psychic, right. Snapnames saw the numbers here and Oversee.net saw an opportunity to grow. The question is what kind of deal was struck? I would really like to know more.


Oversee.net owns domainsponsor.com which could be a good business match for Snapnames.com if it’s done right. The problem with Snapnames.com is that they get most of their good domains from the aged and large domain registrars like Network Solutions and Register.com. So how does Oversee.net plan to address these issues? They say that “Snapnames will continue to operate the firm, which will remain in Portland, Oregon” but in reality they can do whatever they see fit. If they choose to close Snapnames down to the public there are going to be a lot of upset domain investors. There is just a lack of great domain names to be had at a good price. This is because there are only so many dot coms available. This is only a problem for those of us that need a good domain as the domain investors that already have a good portfolio will be happy campers.

Years ago when domain names were being bought up by all types of people, registrars were pushing ten year registration periods. Although the ten year registration periods were good for both parties, the one thing the registrars did not push was automatic renewal. Lots of people who bought up domain names then are now seeing (or not seeing) them expire because they forgot to renew their domains. A lot can happen in ten years. The companies that registered these domains went out of business and the individuals have all too often changed their email addresses from those listed in the database. This topic made mainstream news a while back and more people have picked up on the fact that their domains they bought years ago will be gone unless they do something about this.

The other problem is, the good domains are all but gone. Just in the past year I’ve noticed a difference in the quality of domain names expiring. The domain industry is so competitive and there are a lot of hungry business people out there. Mainstream businesses have started to come around to the fact that a great domain is a very valuable tool in online commerce and have started to play the game as well. Plus, in the next five or so years most if not all of the good domains will already be had by investors that have backordered and are sitting on these domains. Where does that leave the average guy? Most likely you will have to pay a good deal for a great domain name because the high prices will not go away any time soon. With a domain investment company like Oversee.net at the wheel of the largest domain backorder company in the world should you be worried?