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THE TOURNAMENT: Amongst the tears of joy in Africa’s first World Cup there were, of course, moments of great sadness. Who can forget France’s complete self-destruction and early elimination? But anyway, back to the moments of sadness; England’s disallowed goal, which would definitely have lead to an amazing comeback and eventual World Cup Triumph for the three lions, North Korea’s capitulation at the hands of shallow capitalist materialism or Cristiano Ronaldo, as it’s often called.


The elimination of a number of big teams made for a profitable World Cup for many bookmakers but did this make for an entertaining one for the fans. And does anyone care? Well yes. No but does anyone really care?

The tournament was undoubtedly the worst in the history of football plagued by cheating, bad refereeing and petty violence ( I am struggling to see how this differs from every other competition in the history of football) so we have delved deep into the EGC archives, by glancing at youtube for a few minutes and brought you the tournament low points.

SILVER: Daniele De Rossi (ITALY).
GOLD: It has to be Lampard’s disallowed goal.

THE FINAL: Justice was done. Amazingly, I began the game supporting Netherlands and at half time I had completely changed my viewpoint.

So, what can we take away with us from this dreary wasted month? What have we learnt from this celebration of the beautiful game? Here is EGC’s top 5 things to take away from WC 2010:

1) We learnt that a vuvuzela is just an annoying plastic tube
2) We learnt that Eboue speaks fluent Korean
3) We learnt the secret diet behind German success
4) We learnt that we should always follow the predictions of an octopus and not the eGaming Consulting team
5) Tiki taka beats the old traditional martial arts

I know many of you are thinking.. what about the fact that Sepp Blatter is muppet! Well, we didn’t learn that during this World Cup, we have known it for a long, long time.

NOW, can someone please sort this sham of a sport out! Maybe put some younger people in charge who are actually interested in the game and not just interested in swelling bank balances and free lunches, maybe some ex-footballers for example… oh, who am I kidding?

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